Rottnest = Family Fun

Before kids I would always get a bit restless on Rottnest Island, but since we have Oscar (and his scooter) we all love going to Rottnest for a little weekend get-away. We plan it so we go with a couple of other families and we all stay in the same bay (Fays Bay = scootering galore and a safe distance away from the sea), ideally in adjoined units.
Truth is, it’s not very glamorous, and perhaps it’s a good idea to bring your own pillow, but with no cars, lots of space to play and about a hundred playmates for your kid, you are guaranteed to get some time off (to read your book or have a siesta), and when the weekend is over you actually go home feeling quite refreshed!
It truly is a great weekend for the whole family.
Make sure to book on time as summer months usually sell out a year in advance.

Ps. Did you know the Boatshed delivers to Rottnest?
Ps2: Rumor has it Rottnest is working on the development of a Glamping plan…!