The Magic Number: 1.9 babies please

When it comes to having children most people dream of a ‘magic (or perfect) number’ (How many do you want?), but then reality hits us and we come to the realisation it’s not always a matter of what we want, but quite often more a matter of what we are given… A bit of luck from mother nature, health,  fertility, contraception, finance, and age are all factors that impact on that ‘magic number’ we wished for once upon a time.
Our ‘magic number’ was 3, (I quite vividly recall telling the world we wanted them “close together and boys please”) but due to work and travel circumstances I was 33 by the time we got lucky with our first baby. Then there was a second  pregnancy that sadly ended almost half way through, and now, we are very happily pregnant again with our second baby due early next year. Is there going to be a third? Time, luck, and all other factors will have to tell.
The majority of our friends seem to have 2 children which seems to be the current ‘trend’ in Australia with 1.9 as the average fertility rate (total births per woman), the same number as in the U.K. and the U.S. Below are a few more countries and their averages.
Do you dream of a Magic Number or did your Magic Number come true?

Singapore 1.2
Germany, Japan and Italy 1.4
Netherlands 1.7
France and New Zealand 2
Indonesia 2.3
India 2.5
Angola and Uganda 5.9
Somalia  6.6

*) Total fertility rate represents the number of children that would be born to a woman if she were to live to the end of her childbearing years and bear children in accordance with current age-specific fertility rates

Source:  Fertility rate, total (births per woman) | Data | Table.

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