IMG_3141Even though we have some of the best beaches on our doorstep, our sun loving families can get a little grumpy with the lack of sunshine in the winter months….Within our Australian shores, Noosa in sunny Queensland is once again becoming a hotspot for our outdoor loving families.  After taking a little dip in the holiday stakes while Bali took our interest for a while, the lowering US dollar and safety of our families means I feel like holidaying back in OZ for a while.   The main drag of Hastings Street is a hive of activity with visiting families and Noosa locals all being so friendly, and who wouldn’t be with the pristine beaches right on your doorstep, all great restaurants being so obliging when taking the kids out for that early dinner and making a mess, and some sunshine to warm you up.

Tick off a few things before you leave home to make your travelling easy:      Will lovingly drop off to your accommodation anything you wish to hire during your stay- strollers, cots, toys, beach toys,high chairs etc.

Lock in some romantic dinners or lunches online-  all of the local fantastic restaurants have an online reservations service which will send an email & text reminder of your reservation, then lock in a sitter!

Book all your day trips online also to receive and early ticket booking discount, plus jumping the line to Australia Zoo, Underwater World, Aussie World.

Stay in a serviced apartment so you can have some space to cook at home some days, so get a Coles/Woolies order delivered for your arrival with all your essentials- nappies, wipes, baby food, heavy items you don’t want in your suitcase

I am so sure there are many more easy tips I can discover on our last 4 days here, plus working out the ideal dates for our return next year!

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