The Age Gap Between Babies

If and when to have another baby is a personal choice and as mentioned earlier not always within our control. But if we were to direct our family planning, what would the best age gap  between babies be?

Some studies suggest it is health wise best to have a gap of 18-23 months in between pregnancies*.  It gives you time to time to recover your energies and replenish your body’s resources for the next baby. It also lowers the risk of prematurity and low birth weight.

In practice larger gaps can give you the opportunity to enjoy each child as an individual and to give them undivided attention for the first couple of years. A smaller gap gets the hard work over with more quickly and the ‘juggling’ (school drop offs, interest in same activities etc.) might be easier later on as they go through the same stages in life, although sometimes the rivalry and competition can lead to more arguments too. If the gap is too far apart older children might feel resentment when a new baby is joining the family and they need to share the attention.

In summary there don’t seem to be huge benefits or disadvantages associated with having your babies close together or further apart either way. It seems to be a very personal decision only you (and your partner) can answer.

What are your thoughts on the ideal Age Gap Between Babies?

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