Short Order Burger Co: “The Best in Town”

Love burgers? Forget about all you have ever tasted and head over to Short Order Burger Co. in Fremantle and be wow-ed by “The Best in Town” according to many food critics.

Short Order is tucked away in the back of ‘creative food hub’ The Mantle (1 James Street) in Freo. The laid-back Pop-Up Restaurant (set in a container!) serves up Burgers, Skinny Fries and American Soda along with doughnuts made by the Banker Cafe (82 High Street, Fremantle).

The Short Order burger is an ‘American style Burger’; a beef patty served medium to rare on a super soft brioche bun. The menu is small (6 choices), but right on the money and the flavours are authentic and absolutely delicious. The burgers are cooked with great attention to detail, and that you can taste! Be prepared for a longish wait (30 minutes during the weekend). Open Thursday to Saturday from 6-10pm. Eat in or take out.

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