Dare I say it: Christmas is 90 days away

How I know this? I came across a website that counts down (by the second) to Christmas 2015! Really. There was a link that connects to Lulelemon. Clever advertising or coincidence? Either way it got me thinking… and it got me quite excited! I do realise 90 days = 3 months = a quarter of a year, and maybe it’s the spring heat (30 degrees today) or the pregnancy hormones (20 weeks today) but I am thinking I am going all the way this year (to make up for the plastic Ikea miniature tree from last year).
I am thinking a real tree (the one that smells like pine and starts shedding pine the moment you finish decorating), carols (thank god for Spotify and some good old Wham, Last Christmas hits), queuing up for an overpriced Santa picture in Claremont Quarter (hopefully with Oscar smiling and not crying/looking petrified at the – who is that? – man in red), lots of friends (unfortunately all our family is overseas), lots of food (a Jamie Oliver roast!), not so many drinks (as I am 8 months pregnant by then), and lots of presents…!
Now that last one is something I have always been a bit in two minds about. Christmas presents. It must have something to do with when I was around 15 and my mum’s proposal to ‘perhaps skip the presents this Christmas’ (what?? my sister and I would get a lot – and I mean a lot- of presents!) and ‘just be grateful for how lucky we are’….. So after some discussion (my parents laying down the law) we trialed it for a year and (now 20 years later) I have actually never looked back since. It definitely takes away a lot of stress and Christmas does end up being a bit more about ‘just being together’ instead of ripping open yet another unwanted present.
But having said all that, with a now almost 3 year old, who definitely understands the word “present” my other half and I have decided to “bring back the presents” for Christmas 2015! And I am actually quite excited about it… Not for myself of course, it’s all about Oscar.
So this year I am going to be organised. Make lists, shop online and post presents to our overseas family. You won’t see me running around in Garden City on the 24th of December!
90 days now actually doesn’t even seem that far away…. I had better start looking around a bit already…. I will list some of my favourite online shops as I find them:

Hard to Find
Strawberrynet Perfumes & Cosmetics

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