Want a Happy Family? “Have 2 Daughters!”

Research into 2,116 parents has revealed that from all multiple children variations, two girls make for the most harmonious family life. A published article explains; ‘two girls are less likely to fight, play nicely, are generally a pleasure to be around, rarely annoy their parents, make limited noise, often confide in their parents and are unlikely to wind each other up or ignore each other’.

*I guess my sister and I (2 years apart) were the exception to the rule… Although I always loved having an older role model to look up to, I vividly recall numerous turbulent fights and arguments when we were growing up!*

After two girls, the second easiest combination of children, according to the research, is one boy and one girl. Parents with a ‘pigeon pair’ say their children ‘are friends and rarely argue over toys’. It also appears to be easier to reason with two different genders, making it easier to quickly resolve problems. The downsides of having a boy and a girl combination are a lack of shared interest as they grow up and the need for a wider range of supplies (toys are clothes) to satisfy the different needs.

The third most satisfactory combination of children is two boys. Parents of two boys revealed they play a lot together and are often best of friends throughout their childhood. But while having two boys can be a pleasure when the children are little – parents can find boys tend to go their own way when they grow up.


1.Two girls
2.One boy and one girl
3.Two boys
4.Three girls
5.Three boys
6.Four boys
7.Two girls and one boy
8.Two boys and one girl
9.Three boys and one girl
10.Three girls and one boy
11.Two boys and two girls
12.Four girls

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