The Best LOCAL Fresh BREAD

When we moved to Australia – about twelve years ago – one of the things I missed most about Europe (besides family and friends) was the delicious fresh bread, baked daily by our local bakery. Crisp outsides, lots of grains… It was pretty hard to find these kinds of breads in between the sweet supplies from most bakeries, but luckily times have changed and lots of delicious breads are now on offer in the area. Here is a selection of some of my favourites:

The Boatshed Bakery40 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe
All their breads and pastries are made fresh daily and the selection is huge! From dark German loafs to buttery French buns and croissants. Also part of their range are specialty breads from Print Hall, Bread in Common and Organic Loafers.

New Norcia Bakeries – Claremont Quarter
New Norcia Bakeries have opened a new store in Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre. They operate under an agreement with the Benedictine Community of New Norcia, 133km north-east of Perth. It’s Australia’s only monastic town, founded in 1846 by Dom Rosendo Salvado. The 16 resident monks lead a traditional life of prayer, reflection and…..baking bread! Wide range, delicious and conveniently located next to the Coles.

Bread in Common – 43 Pakenham St, Fremantle
In the same building as the restaurant/kitchen is the bakery. Following simple, rustic, ancient recipes, crafted traditionally, with natural slow fermenting, the breads from Bread in Common are hand-made (!) and wood-fired on volcanic rock. Hand thrown, each bread is unique in shape. On offer are rustic common loafs, crusty white baguettes, wholemeal, sourdough and organic fruit loafs.

Kirkwood Deli – 63 North St, Swanbourne
The gourmet corner for fruit, vegetables, flowers, gourmet deli produce, and a variety of fresh bread! You have to be early to secure one of their delicious multi grain loafs.

Marie Antoinette – 35 Napolean St, Cottesloe
Best knows for their ice-creams and tarts, Marie Antoinette also has a small selection of delicious (French) breads. Make sure to go before lunch as they can run out.

The Black Truffle – 82 Stirling Highway, North Fremantle
Mainly know for it’s deli, coffee and catering service, the Black Truffle is a hidden gem in North Fremantle. Excellent for gourmet take home meals, local delicatessen, sweet pastries, gift hampers, and…. a small selection of bread!

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