The Truth of the Pyjama Matter

A while ago I bought some floral (!) pj’s from Peter Alexander… I was going on a girls trip, it was winter and I thought it was a nice thing to do, to get some new ‘girly’ pj’s (I don’t know what I was thinking). I actually never wore them and and on top of that, the one time I did wear them (at home, at night, it was dark), my husband burst out laughing, wondering “what’s up with the clown pants?”.
The truth of the pj matter is, a lot of pyjamas are pretty embarrassing; in shape (a onezie for adults?), pattern (Barbie, sausage dogs), fabric (lace, polyester) colour (multi or more multi), slogan (I love pancakes for breakfast!?) and fit (one size does not always fit all).
The result; I gave up years ago and tend to sleep these days quite comfortably wearing an old t-shirt instead, which is indeed pretty embarrassing too – accept when no-one sees it…
Now the only problem is, that in a couple of months I need to go “public” (visit the hospital for the delivery of baby #2 and the following months when days and nights will morph into one and a good set of pj’s can be essential to open the door for the Coles delivery etc.) so I scoped out some replacements so I can put the pyjama matter to bed so to speak 😉

Here are my top 5 non-embarrassing pjs, so you can sleep comfortably & face the day – if you really have no other choice…

1. Victoria Secret
2. Calvin Klein @ David Jones
3. Make+Model @ Nordstorm
4. Country Road
5. Deshabille Sleepwear @ Iconic

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