Mum’s Bottom is getting Bigger: Help!

Does it feel impossible to shed those last few (pregnancy) kilo’s, no matter what you do?
Here is why those old jeans still don’t fit and what you can do to make them fit again!

Sitting around, waiting around

Motherhood equals a lot of waiting, watching and sitting. Tempted to sit down again with a coffee (and a muffin!) while the kids are in the playground? Why not join them on a scooter ride or kick the ball around together in the park?

The never ending leftovers

Another half finished plate is being pushed away; “I had enough”. While you clear the kids’ table you eat a few scraps, or that half eaten muffin, or a few crisps here and there. Instead of eating the leftovers from the kids all day long, give them to the dog or store it away for the next day.

The Great Australian Bake Off

Starting soon on TV, The Great Australian Bake Off, but also a common part of our daily catch ups; another play date, another Tupperware full of irresistible home baked scones, muffins, slice. Tempting and boring to refuse, but should we really be eating home baked goodies every day now we have kids? Perhaps we should leave the daily bake offs for a special occasion or to Nancy Ho (last season’s winner of the GABO).

Lack of sleep, equal sugar munchies

Broken, short nights cause your energy levels to drop; it makes you constantly crave for sugar to keep you going. It’s easier said than done, but try to beat the sugar munchies and eat 3 healthy meals during the day and try resisting morning and afternoon tea. If you really crave a snack in between meals, eat nuts, dried apricots, olives, crackers or a piece of fruit.

Skipping meals

Somehow your mealtime always seems to collide with an essential child related task. To avoid running late, you skip another meal. Instead of a glovebox or handbag full of sugary muesli bars or lollies to keep you going, try to get organised in the morning and make a healthy snack for during the day; a sandwich, yogurt or a little container with raw vegetables (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, celery sticks).

Small, Regular or Large?

The Large option takeout coffee is definitely the best value for money. And so is that combo with the added $1 muffin. Unfortunately they are not the best for your waistline. If you can help yourself, opt for Small and choose black or skim milk instead of full cream. Based on a 250ml serve,  a flat white with full-cream milk has almost double* the kJ/calories compared to skim milk. If you drink 2 or 3 milky coffees a day you are adding a lot of extra (unnecessary) calories.

A vino for mama

It’s one of those days again; you have definitely deserved a glass of wine! And maybe another one. Be careful not to do it every day and limit your alcohol intake to a few nights a week. Try also being cautious of what you eat on those nights; after a few wines it might be more tempting to get the cheese board out or to order a takeout pizza instead of cooking a healthy meal.


*) Source: Coffee & Calories

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