Beep Beep. W8 Mum’s Txting!

Since being a mum I have stopped making phone calls to make plans: I text message, SMS, Whatsapp or Instant Message instead. It’s less personal, but I find it’s less intrusive, you avoid voicemail tagtailing and it gives my friend time to think about the proposal and respond whenever it is convenient. The ‘proposal’ is usually a coffee date or catch up etc. so nothing too life changing. Now I am wondering what is the “social etiquette” for the right time frame to hit reply to a text or message?
The majority of my social circle is like me, I reply ASAP: as soon as I see the message (otherwise I simply forget, plus time is precious, you don’t want to keep someone in limbo), unless my phone is on silent or if I had a crazy busy day I reply before I go to sleep… or the next morning latest. Sending a yes or no only takes 5 seconds. Plus added (slightly pressured) reason; most messaging services tell the receiver if their message was received and usually also what time it was read. So, the ‘I didn’t get or see your message’ excuse is out the window… Who wants to be labelled the slack or ignorant friend right? Answer me please. Right here, right now, seems to be the expected and accepted way.
What do you think about the etiquette regarding instant messaging? How quick should you reply to a proposal received on Monday: fancy a playdate this week?

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