The first book review for soul healing….

Life was all pretty good for our little family in the beginning of 2015, enjoying a Cottesloe summer, my sons 2nd birthday and the very near arrival of our second son Josh.  Heavily pregnant I was like most people continuing my day to day life, blissfully unaware of what was about to change mine and my families life forever.   The Valentines Day weekend saw me becoming increasingly nervous about the decreased movement of my unborn son, and by the end of the weekend he had passed away at 37 weeks.  The numbness had set in, I wanted to disappear and be with him.  But this was not an option for me and my lovely little family.  I had to be open to heal.

As you can imagine being at an age where new life is all around me at the moment, the occasional similar experience has popped up occasionally since February.  I would consider my journey into my grief as still relatively new, so I am definitely not an expert at offering wisdom in grief yet.  Two books sit on my bedside at present for comfort and constant reflection as I have found in these early stages that other peoples experiences and counselling are what helps.

Una Glennon’s “Ciara’s Gift,  Grief Edged with Gold”  was gifted to me by our lovely councillor Margaret who we met through St John of God Pastoral care.  This is a book that Una felt compelled to write after experiencing the devastating loss of her daughter Ciara in 1997 as part of the Claremont serial killings.  It is a book that Una herself would have liked to have read at the time of her daughters passing.  A journey of healing that took Una 10 years to write has produced a beautifully, emotional book with at times rawness to her pain, whilst searching for the meaning towards the world where Ciara might be now.  This book has definitely given me many  “yes of course, totally get that” moments that I feel would help any person embarking on life changing loss.  Thank you Una Glennon, this book has definitely comforted me.


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  1. Amy

    Thank you so much for this review. I lost my baby daughter in July, she was born at 29 weeks gestational age and died 1 week later. I will be reading this book for certain. I would be interested to hear what your other bedside book is. Sending you love and strength, may your darling boy Josh always be close to you. Xx


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