Future Mum: Trax your Kids every Move!

This morning we were in the playground; 4 mums with 6 children; outnumbered and pregnant, so less mobile (the odds were not on our side). As soon as the mums sat down to enjoy a much needed coffee the kids were off; completely out of sight, playing in a big pirate ship, chasing the birds, in between about 100 other little kids and their parents.
But who wants to or (better) can be that helicopter parent that is there every single second to supervise? Sometimes you just loose them even if you are paying attention.
It’s stressful, that feeling you can’t find them for a few frightful moments… but at the same time you do want to ‘let the kids  experience the world on their own’ without constantly holding hands or standing next to them. Impossible? Nope, not according to Trax, a GPS-tracker that lets you locate your children through a mobile App! The Trax is a little pocket size box that can be clipped to clothes. So unless your kid strips off you can always find them. You can even set up a so called “geo fence” where your phone starts buzzing when the child exits the allocated geo fenced zone.
Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 3.23.27 PM
Wow. Welcome to the future. You can keep taps on your whole family,  even the dog can have his own Trax attached to his collar! Hello Christmas present? Trax retails from $289.

The Trax, size 38mm x 55mm x 10mm. © traxfamily.com

via Trax-the GPS-Tracker for Children | by WTS.

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