Kids ♥ Kale

Kale mash (“boerenkool” in Dutch, a real classic family dish) is a super food and also super easy to make. My son loves it, and so do I. Here is our super simple fail proof recipe!

Ingredients for 2 adults and a kid:
– one pack of Australian Green Kale
– 3/4 large potatoes (depending on how you like your potato/kale ratio)
– 1 brown medium onion
– milk & butter
– salt & pepper

Step 1: Pick leaves from the kale stems and dispose of the stems
Step 2: Chop the leaves small
Step 3: Peel potatoes and quarter
Step 4: Cover the chopped kale and potatoes with boiling water and some salt in a large pot, cook for 25 minutes
Step 5: Chop onion and cook with butter in a big wok until soft
Step 6: Drain potato & kale and add to the wok with the onion
Step 7: Mash potato, kale and onion with a hand masher, adding some butter (don’t hold back on the butter!), milk (half a cup), salt & pepper (or use a kitchen stick if you like it really smooth; we like a bit of texture)
Step 8: Serve with sausages (we love Elmar’s Smallgoods sausages from Providores in Bicton; 4 for $15). For a bit more flavor add a dash of vinegar and a bit of Dijon mustard on the side.

Side note: I love herbs, spices and garlic, but the key with kale mash is to keep it really (really) simple. Don’t add anything extra, the kale itself mixed with butter and vinegar is all you need.



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