Are they the world’s most relaxed moms?

“What we can all learn from the Dutch.” An interesting read for me, being a Dutch mum in Australia. This Australian mother is currently living in the Netherlands and shares her view on Dutch mothers and their parenting style.

via Are they the world’s most relaxed moms? What we can all learn from the Dutch. – The Washington Post.


  1. Anja

    Very interesting read indeed! 🙂

    There’s another interesting read from the same woman about giving birth “the Dutch way”.

    After reading that I wonder what the scenario and personal impressions would be, when a Dutch Mama is giving birth in down under. ;-P

    P.S.: I don’t know how often I will comment so I better say it now: I enjoy reading your blog very much, although I haven’t left a comment yet. Keep going and I say that because the lack of comments and lack of interaction stopped my blogging flow more than once until I quit completely. But I didn’t manage to blog that frequently and that is key I think. So keep up the good work!!
    I find your posts very interesting and didn’t know that you are such a great writer, too! And with that I don’t even mean your English… rather your writing style and your overall concept!



    1. SMR Butterfield

      Thanks Anja! Your compliment means a lot. I really love the writing, I guess it’s my journalism bachelor kicking in. It’s great if a story gets read a lot, I can see the views “backstage” and in what countries they live 😀 but it varies a lot, goes from 35 to 1000 (that was the BFF post!). I’m hoping the blog keeps me going till I start work again in a little while when baby #2 is here… Although it will be a challenge to keep writing a lot with two. I’m due 1 Feb so not that long to go…
      Hope you and your family are all good too! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year and thanks again for your message 😀👍 xxxx


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