Work it! The Satisfied Mum

I really enjoy being a mum and doing home duties. There it is. I said it. Is it bad to say that out loud in the year 2016? Am I not emancipated? Is my world very small, am I not using my brain and am I setting a wrong example for my child that I am “at home” all day every day?  The reality is I feel stimulated and appreciated (by the people that matter most to me) and at the end of most days I feel satisfied and happy about everything I have achieved. I didn’t close a deal, I didn’t have a client lunch, but I had lunch and social interaction with my son (and friends I choose to be around with), I made my personal deadlines (from kindy drop offs to being on time for a gym class with kid in tow) and we went to the pool together and cooked dinner, and tidied up (and up and up). It was no high brow stuff, I didn’t change the world (although maybe a small part of it and a little person in it), I didn’t use my brain in an intellectual way, but I definitely felt something;  endorphins? happy hormones? a feeling of contentedness?
I sometimes ask myself the question; maybe I am just not that ambitious after-all?  Or maybe I am one of those content kept wives who always dreamed of a Wisteria Lane life? I don’t think I am. I do have a Master degree and I worked full time once upon a time. And we are not hang up on materialistic matters, although we like to live comfortably.
I believe in self-empowerment, being independent, living to your full potential, holding strong opinions, being proud of what you do, realising your dreams. But more so I believe in satisfaction and balance. I think my real ambition is to (dare I say it out loud again) “have a peaceful life”, more than anything else, a life where there is time to just ‘be’ – share the little things in life with the people that matter most; a good conversation, a coffee, a meal, a walk, a bath without looking at the clock or checking my calendar, and without being rushed and constantly burning the candle at both ends. I don’t thrive on juggling, I thrive on ‘satisfaction’. It makes me happy.
Happiness and satisfaction are relative and personal matters though. What can be contentedness (a peaceful life) for one can be dull (an utterly boring life) for someone else. And how lucky are we now in 2016? Most of us can choose and direct work/life balance to our own liking. Keeping in mind that work in the end is work and  just needs to be done (at home or in the office), it’s one of those necessities in life like eating and sleeping; bills needs to paid and mouths fed. Again and again.
The question I believe we should ask ourself regarding a satisfying work/life balance should be around the ‘level of necessity’; are we working for a living or are we working for a a second brand new car, a boat and two holidays a year? Is pressure from society making us do the things we do or is it something we choose to do because it makes us happy? There is a difference.
Sweden is experimenting with embarking a 6-hour workday, to “enjoy more sauna time” a newspaper reported. The paper made it sound comical, but how more true can it be? Why not create more time and peace in your life, if you can. A little less economy versus a bit more happiness –  it’s not funny, to me it’s a no-brainer. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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