Mum of Two Reflects: in 12 Months from Chaos to Harmony

Yes we know, we choose to be parents and we need to be thankful to have children, and we are, absolutely, but the reality of being a parent is not always easy. Let’s face it, it is Hard Work and it goes on and on and on, especially when you go from one to two little ones in a short time frame. Baby bliss turns into 24/7 task mastering with no time for anything else. This local mum of two looks back on 2015 and celebrates her personal victory of turning a corner in the new year; from a chaotic and exhausting year to more harmony and happiness. Cheers to that hot mama! xx

For the first time in a long time (over 12 months to be precise) I am sitting down with a cup of tea during the day, and it feels amazing!

I never thought I would appreciate something so small so much but this cup of Earl Grey is more than a cup of tea in my world, it is the start of a new phase of parenting in 2016 which embodies more breathing time, more time to watch my kids play and definitely more cups of tea with a smile on my face.

I had underestimated the task for parenting two children 22 months apart and have spent most of 2015 running (aimlessly) at a pace that is unsustainable, wondering why this mothering job was so hard and also feeling like there was never any time for anything other than feeding, nappies, sleep times and cleaning up after a family of 4.

However, the light at the end of the tunnel has just shone through because I feel like we have just turned the page and survived the first year of parenting two and all it has to throw at a family….which was chaos most of the time in our world.

I also had spent most of 2015 smiling on the outside whilst others were around and then feeling exhausted, impatient and mediocre in happiness on the inside but not wanting to admit this a myriad of (what I now think are) ridiculous reasons. However the ability to just breathe for a few minutes allows a clearer head which can only lead to better mothering, more energy and to really appreciate how funny and delightful these little people are.

So, starting 2016 with a family holiday was the perfect setting in which to see our world through new eyes. I actually saw our year of hard work, tears and chaos as the foundation for a beautiful relationship between my two children and what we had to go through to appreciate this next phase. This summer they have actually played together of their own free will while I watch on, so proud of who they are and so proud that we survived what was a giant step up from one child to two. They had not been of the age to play together up until now and it really is a beautiful thing observe.

The only thing that could make it even better is if the Earl Grey was a crisp glass of white wine. Cheers to surviving 2015.

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