Why don’t Friends with Kids have Time?

Did anyone read this article?  Originally posted in the Washington Post.  In short it is about a ‘childless friend’ wondering why her friend with kids doesn’t have time to email or make a phone call and what she does all day.  Bottom line of the story is, the childless friend gets rubbished for not being understanding of how hard and time consuming it is to be a mum and that she needs to keep her “snit to herself”.

What!?!?  I don’t understand it at all. Surely being a mum is busy, but I still have time (or make time) to make a five minute phone call or txt my friends back! How on earth can you be a happy mum if you can’t spare a few moments to keep up your own social life and sanity?  Kids sleep or sometimes watch TV or play by themselves.  I admit I haven’t been as socially active, but those parents who completely drop off the radar because they have children… If you want to keep up your social network it requires some juggling, but it can be done, if you want it.  I think some parents are just content cocooning and hibernating at home with their little ones, but surely that’s just a personal choice rather than a sentence to solitary confinement?

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