Eat & Review: Miss Chow’s

Miss Chow’s
Asian Eatery & Dumpling House
Shop 119, 12 Gugeri St, Claremont Quarter
(08) 9383 3371

There is a great buzzy vibe to this new addition to the Claremont quarter dining scene. The decor gives a nod to old Singapore style coffee shops; dark wood furniture and decorative screens, but with a fresh feel. There is a bar situated to the left as you walk in which, on the occasions I have been, always has a couple of happy punters imbibing something refreshing. There is a mix of individual and shared tables, although the small tables right at the back leave little room for shared dishes plus wallet, keys, sunglasses and everything else I seem to travel with these days.

The Miss Chow’s sliders are good fun; sweet fluffy mantou buns filled with so-bad-for-you-but-so-good fried pork belly, spiced mayonnaise, pickled vegetables and a fresh hit of coriander and red chilli. The salt and pepper squid tentacle are tasty, although not the most tender I’ve ever eaten.
There is an emphasis on dumplings here, and unfortunately, to my taste, these were the only disappointment. The crystal prawn har gow skin was not silky and translucent but rather too thick and the prawn (which should of course be the shining star) was not generous and overwhelmed by starch. The siu mai again were only ok, the filling a bit too dense and again the flavour of prawn overwhelmed by the pork.
The steamed fish of the day with black bean, ginger and shallot (on both occasions, barramundi) was delicious. The serving is adequate to share for two with a few side dishes, but if you are a large table and order a couple, at $34, expect your bill to add up quickly. Chop chop chicken is succulent fried chicken in a salty, sour sauce with red chilli. A big hit of savoury flavour and even my husband, who is not usually a fan of black vinegar, enjoyed the dish. The green beans are very good, and what’s not to like about a virtuous vegetable dish packed with minced pork!

I’m looking forward to trying a lot more of the dishes on the Miss Chow’s menu, a great addition to Claremont Quarter.

Tip: try Miss Chow’s very handy online takeaway service!

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