Food for Thought: LESS (snacks) IS MORE (appetite)

Can I have a snack mama? Sure honey. What would you like?
Is your handbag stuffed with small packs  of sultanas, nuts, rice crackers, fruit? Mine is… I am always on standby to hand out some healthy snacks (or have some myself). It’s not even that we are big eaters, it’s more a (healthy?) habit and I want to make sure everyone is well fed. I guess it’s just one of the maternal basic instincts; the urge to feed your child. Non stop. All the time. And it’s healthy, so what’s the problem. Right?
Or are we overdoing it a little? Is our constant snacking spiraling out of control? According to this article (Snack attack: Are today’s kids eating too many snacks? – The Mommy Files) we are: “Yes, kids are eating way too many snacks,” says Dr. Lisa Dana, a mother of three children and pediatrician at Golden Gate Pediatrics. “A 2-year-old can make it without a snack between meals. We’ve gotten into this mindset that kids should eat all the time. This catches up with them when they become adults and they’re used to eating all the time. They get used to this mindless eating, and people wonder why we have a problem with obesity in this country.”
Interesting to say the least. Reading the whole article I think I am definitely overdoing things and it would also explain the sometimes untouched lunch and dinner plates…. Less (snacks) is more (appetite)? It’s no rocket science. I might start cutting back on snacks starting today.


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