New Year… lets check in on your makeup stash…

As much as we all have our make up favourites that we would love to think lasts forever and ever… and ever, that ain’t the case unfortunately ladies.

When next applying that old faithful mascara, have a think about how long its actually been in your makeup bag.  Some cosmetic products have their expiration dates printed on the packaging. i.e.. 12M means 12 months from opening the product will expire.  But if you can’t seem to find anything this quick guide will help you feel good, OR not so good about your kit!

Mascara:  shelf life 2-3 months, toss it if it is clumpy or smells funny – if you really need to share your mascara try and use a disposable wand

Liquid foundation and concealer: 6-12 months, time to buy a new one if the colour has lightened or separated into layers

Lipstick: 2yrs  Lipgloss: 1 yr

Powder Eye shadows: 2 yrs, expired powders become flaky & dry

Body Lotions: yes I’m sure some of you have them hanging around, try for no more than 2 yrs please

Fragrances: 8-10yrs, make sure you store your collection in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight

Cleaning your make up brushes in between clients,  weekly or if they have been dropped will help to ensure you keep contamination out of your products and pro long the life of your brushes.

No excuses now for the dodgy old moisturisers and eye shadows, lets start 2016 by putting hygienic, quality products on our beautiful skin!


Picture: @beccacosmetics     Makeup expiration date guide :

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