Goodbye Flowers: Hello Succulent Bowl!

Last week I had this beautiful bouquet of flowers on our dining table. Unfortunately (no surprise) it only lasted five days and now there is this big empty space screaming out for something green, beautiful, long lasting, and if possible low maintenance. I love pretty flowers and plants, but the cost and lifespan are often not worth it when you live in Perth. Sound familiar?

We have some good news! Say goodbye to your old-school vases and sad looking flowers; we would like you to meet Perth Succulent Bowls the succulent design and delivery service guaranteed to transform any space (inside and out) with its unique creations of plants. The succulent creations are presented in beautiful modern bowls and they perfectly suit Perth’s Mediterranean climate, have low-water needs and look good all year round. The plants’ shapes and textures range from roses, dainty beads, daisies and fluffy mounds to bold suggestions of the dinosaur era. They come in shades of blue, teal, silver, chartreuse and burgundy. There is an Everyday Range, a Custom Made Range and they also cater for special events. Costs are equal to a large bunch of  flowers, but you will enjoy the succulent bowls much longer and they are virtually maintenance free. And delivery is free in the Perth area!

What are you waiting for? Next birthday gift or present to self, hop online and surprise yourself:  Perth Succulent Bowls – Succulents Perth.

Hot tip: Wednesday 16 March 5pm-7pm there is a workshop in North Fremantle with Perth Succulent Bowls owner and landscape designer Suzanne Lefroy! Make your own bowl to take home. 40 spots $159pp, RSVP and more info here


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