For all the Pregnant Ladies: Must Haves for Mums!

When I had my first baby three years ago I was overwhelmed with all the information, books and gadgets you are expected to read and buy for the baby’s sake.  Walking into the Baby Bunting was as bad as going to Ikea on a rainy Saturday; where on earth to start?  What is a cot bumper?  And how many onesies do I need?  And you always end up with a trolley full of things you never end up using.
Doing it currently all over again with my three week old newborn it made me realise once more how little a baby needs in its first year.  All the necessities aside (cot, a few onesies in different sizes, nappies etc.) a baby basically manages fine with milk, sleep and you by it’s side.  But what about you?  The 24/7 life line of bubba?  The newborn stage is beautiful but it’s also a hard slog on your body and mind, so why not make it as easy and pleasant for yourself as possible…  Here is my personal list of must haves just for you, Super Mum, to make life with a newborn a little easier ♥

  1. DVD Babies. $35. Forget about all the books and classes, watch this movie, together with your partner. It will make you smile and put your mind at ease instantly. It’s a French documentary (2010) that takes a look at the first year in the life of four babies from around the world, from Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo. The key lesson I took from it was that even the babies with zero gadgets (not even nappies!) end up thriving, healthy little one year olds. So relax, it will be fine! Less is more. 
  2. Otifleks Invisible Good Sleep Earplugs. $18. Say what? They come in 4 sizes, are soft (so you can sleep on your side), and they take the edge of the sound without blocking it completely, so you can still hear the baby, but you won’t wake up for every grunt and burp. Every minute of sleep is gold…day and night.
  3. The SRC Recovery Shorts. $189. Not the most sexiest of items, but absolutely brilliant to support your belly after birth. Comfortable fit and flattering if worn underneath your clothes.
  4. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin. $20. Don’t ask, just get it and pray you never need it. Just have it on standby when you do… That’s all.
  5. Venosan 4000. $86. Compression stockings. These helped brilliantly with my sore and ugly varicose vein that pops up when I am pregnant. The stockings give instant relief and the vein pretty much instantly disappeared after birth. Also good to have afterwards for long-haul flights.
  6. Klorane Dry Shampoo. $18. I was never a fan of dry shampoos until I found this brand. It’s the best and makes your hair look fresh longer. So you can enjoy your shower (with shower cap) without worrying to wash and blow dry your hair so often.
  7. Bonds Maternity Bikini briefs. $15. If you end up with a c-section like me, these Bonds undies are great for during pregnancy and after birth; they are low rise so won’t scratch your scar.
  8. L’Occitane Shower Gel. $36. Because having a shower is the rare and little ‘me time’ you will have every day, so why not make it a bit luxurious. This is one of my favourites at the moment; Almond Shower Oil from L’Occitane. Also saves you from needing to moisturize afterwards.
  9. Pedi, Hair & Teeth. Book in a dental, pedicure and hair appointment in your last weeks of pregnancy. You probably won’t have a lot of time (or desire) to do this post birth. It sounds superficial, but a sparkling white smile, pretty hair and shiny toes do help make you feel a little bit better after yet another broken night of sleep.
  10. Mattress. Ok, this is hardcore but we happened to have bought a new mattress (memory foam & ‘sleeping apart together’ system; which stops the bed from shaking when someone hops in or out) halfway in my pregnancy and WOW the difference it has made to both our sleep. My back-pain has instantly disappeared and my husband doesn’t wake up anymore from my tossing and turning.

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