Dazzling smiles for the whole family

IMG_4131Has your little one started popping some little teeth?  Developing good dental habits for the whole household is very important from early in life,  let’s show our kids how important it is to care for our teeth.

Working prior to having my first son Zac, I was lucky enough to work in a fantastic practice in Subiaco spanning approximately 8 years (which I and my whole family still attend as patients), plus a Prosthodontic practice in West Perth over 4 years.  This gave me a vast view to the levels of attitudes and importance people hold to looking after their teeth, plus different levels of mouth degeneration due to poor knowledge and no good habits in place.  One of my great colleagues used to say “the happiest people in the nursing home are those that have kept their own teeth!”   So set those habits up now and it will become second nature.

  • Twice daily brushing with a brush that can reach hard to access teeth, and an appropriate size brush for your little one once teeth start appearing.  You could also start gently wiping over there gums before teeth arrive with a soft cloth and water to get them used to this type of cleaning.  For very young children you start with just water on their brush or fluoride free tooth paste, then once your child is old enough to spit you can use a small amount of children’s toothpaste for brushing
  • Floss daily!  Brushing alone cannot remove food caught between teeth, if left this can harbour bacteria.  Give yourself a generous piece of floss to get in-between all of your teeth.  This can be done for your child also!  Maybe practice counting their teeth while helping them to experience flossing
  • Regular dental visits, every 6 months if required or every 12 months if your dentist suggests you are doing an excellent job at home.  These visits are to do a thorough clean and remove any built up plaque, some X-rays are taken to check in between teeth plus an oral cancer screen to check for any unusual lumps and bumps
  • The sooner you visit the dentist with your little one the better to familiarise them with the dental environment, a ride in the dental chair and if willing allowing the dentist or therapist to “count their teeth”  with their special instruments.

It is that simple!  Your dentist or therapist can guide you with any difficulties you may be having with your child’s teeth or your own! Plus having great teeth means you can show them off with some great red lippy!!

If you are interested in visiting the practice I do, please visit their website http://www.drkeating.com.au


Image via Instagram.


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