Eat & Review: Vivisen Tea House

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.05.39 PMVivisen Tea House
Contemporary Chinese cuisine
15 Point St, Fremantle
(08) 9336 6699

Vivisen Teahouse is located in the heart of Fremantle and offers contemporary Chinese cuisine in a laid back setting.  We discovered Vivisen while trying to find a local dim sum restaurant and we keep going back for more.  The restaurant is simple but good and since it first opened its doors in 2008 it has been a popular local south of the river.  Vivisen Teahouse is perfect for dim sum or a casual meal (both lunch and dinner) for the whole family. Besides dim sum the menu also offers a range of classic Chinese vegetable, rice and noodle dishes.  These are some of our family favourites:

Cucumber salad with garlic and vinegar dressing 9.8
Steamed shanghai pork dumplings 7.8
Steamed BBQ pork buns 8.8
Steamed crystal prawn dumplings 8.8
Crispy prawn and chicken wontons 8.8
Chicken satay skewers 8.8
Peking duck spring rolls 8.8
Salt and pepper squid tentacles 8.8
Sweet & sour pork 19.8

A definite must try is also the exclusive Goji Tea, a formula of goji berries, chrysanthemum flower, camellia leaf and licorice root.  It’s not just delicious but also a ‘longevity-promoting superfood’ that has been used as an anti-aging agent in Asia for more than 5000 years!

I would recommend visiting Vivisen if you feel like ♥ a quick simple meal  ♥ a family outing ♥ dim sum ♥

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