How simple can cleansing be?

I always believed I did not a bad job and cleaning my skin, usually pretty diligent at taking my makeup off after a late night out… dependant on how many champagnes I had inhaled.  Plus always extending a proper cleanse down to the décolletage, neck and ears-  make up and sunscreen get everywhere ladies!

However, on my very first day of studying make up artistry, I had number 1 jaw dropping moment over something as simple as cleaning skin.  Simone from SC Artistry was using Garnier Micellar Water as her go to skin cleanser.  And, I was hooked.  I actually went straight to Coles after class to stock up.  I was in love with this new beauty discovery as it removed makeup up and dirt with so much ease!  And removed it ALL!!!  Eyes, lips, skin, no scrubbing required…  The micellar formula is fragrance free and calming, making it an ideal product for sensitive skin too.

Micelles are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water – which are attracted to dirt, so will remove all the grime and oil without drying out your skin – thanks to the lack of alcohol and harsh chemicals.  Sometimes this product gets put to the test removing extremely stubborn eye makeup – then you MAY need your eye make up remover also…

As I said before, I am hooked.  I have stashes of cleanser everywhere now,  as you can also purchase as a wipes pack by Simple.  Give this beauty star a go next time you get to the bottom of your cleansing bottle.

Simple Micellar Facial Wipes:  $8.80 from Coles

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml:  $14.19 from Coles


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