Little Rockers Radio

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In our house lately we have been trying to introduce a little more “chill” factor with the very near arrival of our 3rd son.  This I am happy to say is working with the help of a little more music and a little less TV!

So I have been streaming Little Rockers Radio through our Sonos system and our 3yr old son Zac loves it!  I read about it recently in a SIDS & Kids magazine, tuned in and it is totally cool for our little ones.  No adds, a good mix of all the favourites including Justine Clarke, The Wiggles, some plain instrumental, counting songs and even some bed time wind down music.  Zac even enjoys just the instrumental songs, trying to pick out with me the different types of instruments he can hear.  Love it!!!

Little Rockers Radio is a dedicated supporter of SIDS & Kids and with Red Nose Day coming up next month you can register to take part in the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco on the 24th June to show your support.

Check out how you can stream live and find out more about the disco at:



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