Pearls of Wisdom from our own Mum

“Do you know what you should do,” she said to me.

“You need to celebrate the little victories in life,” she said.

She is my mum.  And sometimes mums just know how exactly to say the right thing at the right time.

Like that evening we went out for dinner with our kids in tow.  It’s possible, everything is possible with a newborn and a toddler, the question is how much fun are you having while doing it?  Calling it a frustrated affair would be an understatement.  Unless you enjoy wiping/warning/feeding/rocking and scoffing your cold dinner with one hand while rocking the pram with the other and not having had a proper conversation with your other half…  And then I remembered my mum’s wise words: ‘You need to celebrate the little victories’. It might not be that dinner out right now, but I did manage to cook a simple dinner after a frantic day with the kids today.  Hooray. Victory!  I guess my new reality of being a mum of two means adjusting my own expectations of what can be achieved in an enjoyable and relaxing way!  Dinners out will happen (again) one day soon.  For now, I will focus on the little victories – with the little ones ♥

Here are some more words of wisdom from the wise mums of the mums in my mothers group:

♥ Let your kids get dirty, it just washes off.
♥ Do not spend a fortune on baby gear; their needs are very basic and they grow so fast.
♥ Get out from behind the camera and enjoy the moment, rather than missing the experience for the sake of a photo.
♥ Your kids won’t remember your clean floors, but they will remember the fun times you had together being silly and laughing.
♥ Everything in moderation and you will be fine.
♥ You can never promise to protect your children 100% of the time, all you can do is promise to love them 100% of the time.
♥ Don’t let your kids get in between or become more important than your relationship.
♥ Relax and be a little less perfect.
♥ Stop doing so much, being a parents is about simplifying life, not over complicating it.
♥ Go for lots of walks in nature.
♥ Stay at home every so often; kids don’t need to be ‘out and entertained’ every day.
♥ NEVER wake a sleeping baby.
♥ Don’t give too much advice.
♥ A warm bath fixes everything.
♥ Never hold in a poo.
♥ Don’t have them 😉

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