2nd book review for healing the soul….

Back in October I wrote about a post on the first book that I was finding comforting during heavy grief…

So whilst going through the stages of pregnancy with my 3rd son, as we entered the territory of the 37th week.  My emotional state with all the appointments, having to mention all the time why I was having extra monitoring and scans made me realise just how broken hearted I was.  Was I navigating through life since February in numbness still till this point?  All of a sudden the reality of who was missing was becoming very, very real.

My 2nd comfort book which was given to me by our lovely grief councillor is called “Proof of Heaven” A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, by Dr Eben Alexander. This book is his personal, very detailed recall of his own near death experience after coming down extremely quickly with E.Coli Meningitis, plus his personal history in relation to his adoption and birth family history.  I was definitely in awe being made aware of just how incredibly smart these great people have to be to work with such brain trauma.  It can be quite heavy reading at times, deciding weather you wish to believe in his levels of consciousness and what he saw during his time in the coma.  But all very relevant as he over years working as a neurosurgeon had to listen to his own patients come out of coma and recall similar stories to him of what they remember.  Now he could relate.

The bit I keep reading is towards the end of the book, which has a beautiful poem by David M Romano written in 1993 called”When tomorrow starts without Me” which is a very comforting poem telling the reader that everything is ok and your missing person is always thinking of you and feels exactly as you do, a small section reads ~ “So when tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we are far apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.”   I feel this book is helpful on levels of grief dealing with where believe that person is for you right now, and how they are feeling.

What comforts you during times of grief, sadness, remembering or anxiety?  Is there a special book or picture that you keep close to you for comfort?

Our beautiful 3rd son was born at 38.5 weeks.  Our mind reading obstetrician had booked us in for an induction delivery which all went absolutely smoothly, and now we have a little man to keep our little family warm, comforted and grateful.





  1. Amy Gelmi

    Thank you for sharing this review and your own personal experience. I am currently pregnant with our third baby, after having lost our second daughter in July 2015 (she was born at 29 weeks, and passed away 8 days later) and I am finding it hard to navigate my way through my emotions and feelings during this pregnancy. A book I purchased that has somewhat helped me to break down my grief is called ‘Grieving the child I never knew’ by Kathe Wunnenberg.

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    1. kkmakeupperth

      Hi Amy, thanks for your response, your recommendation definately sounds like something I need to add to my reading list. I hope you get all the support you need during and after your 3rd pregnancy, don’t be afraid to speak out if something is upsetting for you.
      KK 😘


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