From Toddler Tantrums to Teenage Egocentrism

No desire to do a parenting course but in need of some parenting guidance and a bit of bedtime reading?  This lovely little book “Buddhism for Parents On the Go” is on my bedside table since a few months and it is prefect if you like (or can only manage) to read (literally) half a page before bedtime.  The book is packed with (as the subtitle describes) ‘gems to minimise stress’ and touches on a wide range of parenting related topics ranging from Sleep Deprivation to Holidays, Toddler Tantrums, Jealousy, Teenage Egocentrism, Fear and Guild.  Just pick one of the topics that resonates with your day or thoughts and author/Buddhist practitioner Sarah Napthali will inspire you with her engaging, funny, and compassionate insights. Get ready to be uplifted and fall asleep more peacefully…

Buy the book here

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