Let’s shop for Fathers Day…

I know.  It’s about a month away.  But the super duper Dad’s in our lives can sometimes get a little upset if a little fuss is not made on Father’s Day which this year is the 4th Sept.

How many socks, jocks, ties and shirts can one man have!  So how about a little beauty shop for our special dad.  Did you know the flagship Mecca store up at Claremont Quarter has fragrances for men in their newly refurbished store?  Why not head in and have a sniff with one of their fragrance specialists.  Choose one of the gorgeous scents from their global range.  I recently purchased for my husbands birthday the Maison Francis Kurkdjian “Amyris homme”, I was worried as he has always been a devoted YSL Homme man but he loves it!  I can definitely recommend the beautiful range of scents from Mecca.  I was even totally restrained and came away with nothing for me!  This time…..

Or if it’s a fresh haircut or beard trim Dad is in need of, head on down to The Bench Barber and Eatery on Napoleon St Cottesloe.  Have a fresh trim with James the Barber and sit down for a coffee and yummy breaki after!  They are open Mon-Sun from      7am – 5pm, and $35 for a basic trim.

Something to think about for our Dad’s.  If you have any more great suggestions for us, leave a tip below!



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