The things I love about Cottesloe

The past six weeks I have been busy doing all the things I love and miss about Europe.  Breakfast with deli meats and Dutch cheeses, shopping, planning an impromptu trip to Milan, sitting at a side walk café watching the world go by, eating chocolates, drinking French wine and catching up with old friends.  I love being back in the place I lived for 21 years and where I still seem to know everything and everyone.  But it also makes me realise how much I love my new ‘other home’ Western Australia.  Just to name a few things that make Cottesloe and surrounds so unique…  Living is peaceful and easy going.  The air; the smell of the earth and the ocean, salty, fresh and clean. The birds; tropical and colourful. The spaces; wide and open. The weather; warm and sunny almost all year around.  And of course all the lovely locals; relaxed, sporty and so very funny. I miss my Australian BFFs!  See you all next week 💋

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