Send a Message of HOPE this Christmas ♥

…to less fortunate adults living in WA this Christmas.  It’s easy, you can help by creating a Christmas Cheer Box.  Over Christmas hundreds of people live in crisis accommodation, refuges and on the streets in Western Australia due to family violence, poverty, mental health and a myriad of other issues.  Survival becomes a priority and while many may focus on making Christmas special for their children it can be a very lonely time where many adults are forgotten.

Making a Christmas Cheer Box (CCB) is an easy way to send a message of support to a woman or man going through an extremely challenging time. Our goal is to remind people in crisis that even though we do not know them personally, we admire their courage and wish them happiness for Christmas.

Step 1: Get an empty shoebox (or buy one that is similar in size to a shoebox) It MUST have a lid that shuts ☺

Step 2: Fill your shoebox with skincare, cosmetics, chocolates (decide if you are doing a MALE or FEMALE shoebox)
I have found it usually costs $30-50 to fill a box with items from more economical brands. Spend what you feel comfortable with, and I will supplement boxes with samples and extras where I can.
Your box may include the following NEW & UNUSED items:
➢ Shower Gel
➢ Moisturiser/skin products
➢ Deodorants
➢ Nail polish, handcare (NO Nail Scissors please)
➢ Pre/Post Shaving (NO Razors please)
➢ Perfume
➢ Makeup
➢ Socks
➢ Brush, hair ties, compact mirror, combs
➢ Shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments
➢ Chocolates & lollies
➢ Notebook, Pens
➢ Book, gift vouchers
PLEASE do NOT include :
➢ Anything sharp or not kid safe (Razors, candles, nail scissors)

Step 3: You can put a pretty ribbon on the box but please don’t wrap it shut or use curling ribbon, as I need to go through EVERY box. Cutting off curling ribbon is very time consuming ☺

Step 4: Write a Positive Affirmation to the recipient
This is optional but if you choose to this is an opportunity to write directly to the person receiving the box

Step 5: Drop your box at a local drop off point near you.
Our Cottesloe Mums Group mum Ella will be accepting boxes again this year at her house 16 Harvey Street in Mosman Park.  Please leave your box at the front porch and please don’t ring the door bell.  Thank you 🙂

For more info check the website

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