2017 & the return of The Vrijmibo!

Vrijmibo. Say what?  A gathering of people, usually colleagues or friends, on Friday afternoon to have a drink and celebrate the start of the weekend. Comes from the Dutch VRIJdagMIddagBorrel (Friday Afternoon Drinks).

The Vrijmibo’s were always the best moments of my working week.  They would start around 3 or 4pm with a glass of wine on your desk (served by a friendly colleague), while wrapping up the last bits of work, and they would usually end up at the local pub around the corner.

Oh how I miss those few special hours to wind down the workweek and ease into the weekend.  I guess with little kids at home there is not really a start or finish of the week, it just keeps going from Monday to Sunday…unless…

How about we move that 9am playdate to a Friday afternoon and have a play/vino catchup at someone’s house?  Kids play, mums all have a well deserved wine or G&T, some crackers and cheese and a chat about the week gone.  And when it’s time to pack up the kids at 6pm and hit home why not grab some takeout pizza on the way to start the weekend cheerful and relaxed 🙂 Here is to a social 2017!



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