Browse & Brunch: Mosman Park Preloved Fashion Event

Join us this Sunday April 23 from 11am – 1pm for a canape style champagne brunch and preloved clothing sale in the surrounds of the Art Deco Camelot building in Mosman Park.

$35 ticket price includes entry, brunch AND glass of bubbles!
$10 ticket price includes entry to the clothes sale only.

The raised funds will go to the Mango Tree School in Cambodia to supply school lunches. The Mango Tree School opened in 2014 and provides free education to children in years 1 – 4 in a village where there was previously minimal infrastructure and abject poverty. Education is the single most important strategy for breaking this cycle of poverty and the Mango Tree School has been a beacon of hope for the families of the Dey Krahorm Community. The food program ensures that each child has a balanced meal each day and includes the employment of kitchen staff and supply of fresh, nutritious ingredients to prepare school meals.

If you would like to sell clothes, please arrive at 10.30am with the clothing laundered and ready to sell. Please note that clothing will be marked up by 20% of the proposed sale price.

We are also still taking clothing donations. Please contact Jo Jenkin, via FB, for pick up.

Tickets can be purchased here
More info here

Deneil Fernandez @ Browse and Brunch Preloved Fashion Event
©Deneil Fernandez @ Browse and Brunch Preloved Fashion Event

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