How to Fight off Winter Colds: 10x!

Why do some people get colds all the time and some people never?  Is it random bad luck or is it a combination of genetics and lifestyle? It really is a bit of everything but the good news is that although we can’t change the viruses that are going around each winter, we can control our lifestyle on a day to day basis.  Here are 10 tips on how to lower your chances off getting sick this winter… Stay well everyone ♥

1.  Cut your finger nails, shorter than short.  Germs accumulate in those small hidden places…
2. Clean your mobile phone. Every evening, with some baby wipes and disinfected spray.
3.  Over the counter health boosters?  Try the Chinese medicine astragalus root.  Traditionally added to soup, but also available as a pill and known for its power to normalise and boost the immune system.
4.  Gargle 3 times a day with tap water to reduce your risk of getting a cold with 35%!
5.  Do not touch your face: rubbing your eyes, mouth, nose and ears with dirty hands spreads germs. Most viruses need to get into the mucous membranes lining our nose in order to cause infection.
6. Don’t wear scarfs and long sleeves that you can’t or don’t wash regularly.  A lot of hospitals have a “bare below the elbows” and “no tie” dress code to avoid spreading germs.
6.  Wash towels, bed-linen and clothes regularly on a high temperature.  Both very hot water and a full drying cycle can help prevent illness.
7.  Be active outdoors. It helps to build up immune resistance.
8.  Wash your hands with an anti bacterial soap. But make sure to wash and scrub long enough: sing the alphabet song 3 times to ensure you give the soap enough time to do its germ-fighting job.  Use paper towels to dry your hands or change the towels on a daily basis.
9. Eat lots of garlic: allicin, an organosulfur compound in garlic, is a potent infection fighter.
10.  Be Happy 🙂 ♥ Love, positive thinking, playing with a pet, and other pleasurable behaviors will boost your immune system.

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