Close to Home: H&M + KU DE TA

Are you in need of a mini break or a fun outing with your girlfriends?  Are you dreaming of shopping in Melbourne and relaxing in Bali, but is time or money of the essence?  We have the perfect half day quick fix for you! Just pick a Saturday and block six hours in your diary and hit over to….. Perth city!
Stop one (11am) a bit of H&M shopping to get that Melbourne/Euro holiday feel going. Don’t forget the home ware and kids clothes upstairs.  Stop 2 (1:30pm)  Ku De Ta  for a well earned delicious lunch by the water.  We made a booking and opted for the West, the tapas style area and ordered the West Fest ($60), a selection of chef specials that didn’t disappoint.  We loved the mini mussels and the potatoes with spicy cheesy sauce, the sweet & sour white beetroot and the oysters, but the best part was definitely the dessert, a crunchy brownie creation (see picture below).
Home again at 4pm ♥

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