Confessions of a Lego Mistress

I blame it all on corona. In a normal situation I would have never even watched normal TV. Who watches normal TV these days? Netflix, Youtube and TiKToc is what keeps us entertained in 2020 right? But I think it was a Sunday or possibly a Monday? To be honest, last month all days blurred into a fog of never-ending sluggish activities. I think we even did a 1,000 piece puzzle at one stage.
But back to the normal TV watching. Someone was flicking through the channels and I don’t know if it was Hamish’s Blake never-fail-smile or the moment the LEGO shark landed on top of the LEGO bad guy, but all of us (mum, dad, 4 year old, 7 year old) were instantly hooked to LEGO Masters. I challenge you to watch in and not be (at least slightly) entertained (in a family kind of activity way).
The added bonus is the kids get so excited about these insane structures that they have been building LEGO non-stop. A welcome change to break the screen cycle. TIP: The key to avoid frustration is to have LOTS and LOTS of blocks to minimise the search time.
LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698 Playset Toy $65 + free delivery

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