Opinion: I took a year off work and everyone should do it

I loved this article from Kate Emery (journalist & mum) in the West Australian today! It's packed with great little insights for stay at home and back to work mums 🙂 Thank you Kate Emery Thursday, 28 December 2017 11:38AM Believe me when I say that I know how this sounds. I am fully prepared [...]

Christmas! ★ Maple Cinnamon Cookies ★

Christmas! ★ Maple Cinnamon Cookies ★

Ready or not, Christmas is almost here!  If you feel like some baking, these cookies are an absolute treat and also not too hard to make...  Merry Christmas everyone ★♥★ This is what you need to make 32 stars (with a 7cm cookie cutter shape): ★ 2 and 1/4 cups (281g) all-purpose flour (spoon and leveled) [...]

A local little hotspot: Freo Nail Spa

Would you like a tea, coffee or... glass of champagne with your pedi? Sit back and relax (and smiling will come naturally) with the professional and friendly beauty squad from Fremantle Nail Spa & Beauty. This newish little place is buzzing on this lazy Sunday afternoon and we are not surprised. The leafy green beauty [...]

Rise, Shine & Morning Walk!

Rise, Shine & Morning Walk!

Make way gym sessions and treadmills! Life is not only about targets, charts and working up a sweat. Squeezing in a hardcore gym session in an already jam-packed day might seem effective, but some days your body and mind can be much better off with something much more simple and close to home...  no membership [...]

Maggie Dent: Real Kids in an Unreal World

Are you worried, confused or concerned about parenting in today’s chaotic world?  Fear not, Maggie Dent is coming to Fremantle soon.  Children need to have certain basic experiences to build the competencies that will help them manage life –— the good, the bad and the ugly.  Maggie has developed a common-sense, practical model of 10 [...]

Here’s your top 3 🌹 Matty J

Surely it's all orchestrated, but nevertheless highly entertaining and pretty pleasing on the eye, The Bachelor Matty J.  If we ignore all the girls that are hired to play the villain, a little too hysterical or in the house to get some media attention, we have a pretty clear top 3:  🌹1. Laura 🌹2.Tara 🌹3.Lisa  [...]