Get Fit Together with WhatsApp

Every Friday we swim with a couple of mothersgroup friends in the Fremantle Leisure Centre. We started off when had our babies in 2013 and we haven't stopped since.  We use WhatsApp to stay in touch, our group is called the "Swimming Mamas". Using a social network tool like Whatsapp is great way to motivate [...]

Are your Tootsies Beach ready?

We are ready! Sun is out, time for a beach walk in bare feet. Kick off your sneakers and feel the warm(ish) spring sand between your toes... A beach walk feels even better with pretty tootsies to really shake off that winter feeling. Spa Pedi at Professionail in Claremont Quarter $40 Beach walk Swanbourne $0 [...]

How to Shake off a Bad Day in 5 steps

Did you wake up feeling like you drank two bottles of wine last night (while in fact you didn't - you were up all night looking after sleepless little souls - or maybe you did have a good night with a few too many)? Bags under your eyes, pale skin, a low mood, who doesn't [...]

See you in a few days: Mum’s Break Away

See you in a few days: Mum’s Break Away

It maybe sounds extravagant and luxurious, but in all honesty it's as vital as sleeping and eating, we all need it, at least once a year; a little sanity and recharge break away, no husband and kids allowed, just you, your time, your stuff and maybe your bff wants to join too? Tell the home [...]

Boys night out

A recent study showed that 81% of married men have the occasional boys night out;  an evening without women and with (usually) a lot of drinks. It is supposedly healthy and lowers the stress levels to spend some time away from the family and to talk with like-minded souls other then your partner. Nice! As [...]

❤️ #Coffee on Stirling

❤️ #Coffee on Stirling

They seem to be popping up everywhere, the 'coffee drive through'! Oh so handy for busy mums with bubs in the backseat. The latest addition is #Coffee, located in Mosman Park on Stirling Highway in between Mosman Park train station and the competition Zarraffa's, another old favourite coffee drive though. We love #Coffee for our [...]